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Hi, I was diagnosed with PPMS when I was 36 years old and it was the hectic start of extensive research in Multiple Sclerosis, all the types of symptoms, the types of drugs that has been tested on both humans and even on lab rats. What I quickly learned as the more I read and watched, is that a lot of the information out there is fantastic and really gives you a better understanding of MS, but also that a lot of the information out there is also outdated, misinforming or blatantly incorrect. I learned quickly that your own judgement in what is right and what is wrong is crucial as the more your learn you suddenly enter a whole new dimension of contradicting informations.

I have read so much and seen so much, and as I am still in search for what can help me and I have tried a lot of different things, then I wanted to share the information that I have found to be helpfull to me in my search for answers. I hope with this website that it can help you in finding answers and to give you some of the clues to the symptoms and troubles out there that you might experience with Multiple Sclerosis.

Please notice that I am not a doctor, and the information shared here is information that is linked to youtube or to different MS related websites. All content is linked to, so you can always go directly to the source. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

I hope that I can help you save a lot of hours in research and if you find a link that you found to be helpfull for you and that you feel would benefit others then please feel more than welcome to write to me the youtube link or website and I will make sure to include it 🙂