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Diet, Vitamin D and MS: A Neurologist’s Perspective Webinar

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Very interesting MS webinar on Vitamin D and a neurologist perspective on various MS diets including The Paleolithic Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The McDougall Diet, Gluten Free Diet and The Swank Diet. With so many diets being promoted, it is hard to fully understand each of their nutritional benefits, possible deficiencies, and effects on MS.

It is also explained that evidence shows that Salt promotes inflammatory cells and worsens the MS disease. This information is further supported with data proof from trials where high salt intake has clearly shown that it increases the MS disease activity however of the BENEFIT trial, salt intake appeared to have no relation to clinical or MRI disease activity, meaning that further studies including controlling trials is needed to clarify the role that salt play in MS.

In addition to explaining the impacts that our diet has on MS and offering evidence around some popular dietary strategies, Dr. Bhargava answers several questions and guides you to make healthy eating choices that will benefit you and your MS!

This interesting MS presentation on Diet is from the 8th of November 2016.

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