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“A Dream to Walk. A Fight to Live”: MS Documentary (PPMS)

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As a personal fitness trainer and a health therapist coach, Christina Aivazoglou ate, breathed and slept nutrition—that is, until August 16, 2006, when she was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Within just eight years, she has watched her body rapidly deteriorate. The documentary, “A Dream to Walk. A Fight to Live” chronicles the life of Christina Aivazoglou as she battles Multiple Sclerosis a crippling disease that has changed both her and her family’s life forever. Despite ten failed treatments, depression and isolation from the world, she continues to fight because one day she walk again.

Despite the physical and mental exhaustion, Christina is persistent to not only fight for her body back as she begins her seventh treatment in October: she wants to walk let alone run again. She faces a chronic disease, but also a series of tribulations: her career ended, her marriage has deteriorated from financial pressures (her husband and child have moved back in with her parents) and she has tried over 16 failed treatments to battle MS.

This very heart touching MS documentary is filmed in 2014 and 2015.

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