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Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and pH Medicine

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Dr. Sircus discusses the uses of sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) and how it can be used to improve a broad range of health conditions including cancer.

Step two. Actually it´s a toss up which is number two, number three, and number four in the protocol after that. One of the most important substances that also comes out of the emergency room is Sodium Bicarbonate. Which is common baking soda. It´s been around, Arm & Hammer has been around for hundred and twenty five to hundred fifty years. In 1926 they come out with a booklet about how to use sodium bicarbonate as a medicine. Sodium Bicarbonate is probably the most useful substance there is. There are books that talk about hundreds of common uses – cleaning refrigerator, dealing with diaper rash, the list is endless. As a medicine it is crucial. It is also as a medicine is the least expensive medicine there is, you can buy fifty pounds for less than fifty dollars. So we are talking very inexpensive because it is common baking soda and yet in injectable form you have to have a license to use it, though it is very useful taking orally and transdermally like in baths. In fact it is so useful I put in between my toes to control toe fungus in between my toes. Baking soda is a very flexible medicine like magnesium it can be taken orally, can used transdermally, can be injected, it can be nebulized. And there is a company that makes a capsule that combines sodium bicarbonate with Glutathione. Break open the capsule and put into a nebulizer and you direct treating the lungs in a very, very powerful way that will help a broad range of conditions from lung cancer to asthma, to emphysema. Glutathione is a very, very important thing that is not very well absorbed through oral means, so this transdermal route is very powerful tool. I recommend sodium bicarbonate baths, I have usually recommended one pound or two pounds in the bath. I have people write me that have used up to five pounds, and they told me that bicarbonate was coming out of them two weeks after words. So I would not recommend so quickly that kind of level. But starting out with a pound of sodium bicarbonate and a pound of magnesium chloride bath flakes or dead sea salt. People have been using for years Epson salt which is magnesium sulfate which is ok but the medical effects are not strong as using magnesium chloride. So these baths are very, very nice. Orally for cancer I am the only doctor in the world who has written a book for a medical review on sodium bicarbonate or simple baking soda. And I always suggest being part of the protocol for cancer treatment.

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