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Top 2017 Health Myths Debunked – Documentary

by admin

During a recent plant-based physician conference, several medical doctors were asked about the leading sources of health / medical misinformation in the news this year.

In the news today there is a growing amount of negative press that makes it difficult for consumers to decide what is real and what is not. Fake news, or what it used to be called propaganda has increasingly become a tool for big dairy and the meat industry to confuse the consumer. Plant Based News sat down with many health thought leaders and got the inside scoop on the key health myths of 2017.

Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Pam Popper to name a few. Healthy Eating is something you would assume was simple to understand, but the increasing number of fake articles and fake news being put out creates doubt. Vegan Diets, clean eating and whole food plant-based diets have been accused of being fad diets. Internet celebrity clinicians like zdogg have been seen to produce hyperbolic youtube videos allegedly ‘debunking’ What The Health, the recent popular Netflix film which takes a direct aim at the animal agriculture industry.

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